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Student Exhibits

Student Exhibits

Student Work

Coerced Sterilization in America – Cheyanne Hafer

Forced sterilization is a practice that became socially acceptable and commonly used during the Eugenics Movement that started during the Progressive Era.


Hysteria, Health Care, and Menstrual Shame – Kylie Webb

A survey of menstrual taboos in America, and their implications today.

Issues with Male-Focused Contraception – Noelle Martinez

An overview of the ways gendered cultural assumptions have blocked progress on research for male-focused contraception.


Reproduction in Prison – Daria Vinchesi

An examination of national and state policies, cultural mores, and experiences of incarcerated women.




The Importance of Birth Control – Caitlin Holzer

Improving access to birth control for all women helps children and families, especially those in poverty.