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Midwives in Montana

Women in early Montana helped mothers deliver babies in all sorts of places, from cabins to shanties to teepees. Folks called them midwives and they were respected members of their communities. Within a century, though, midwives were targeted and told to quit their work. This is the story of the women who fought for the right to birth at home and the state legislature that acted to protect their profession.

Student Work

Coerced Sterilization in America – Cheyanne Hafer

Forced sterilization is a practice that became socially acceptable and commonly used during the Eugenics Movement that started during the Progressive Era.


Hysteria, Health Care, and Menstrual Shame – Kylie Webb

A survey of menstrual taboos in America, and their implications today.

Issues with Male-Focused Contraception – Noelle Martinez

An overview of the ways gendered cultural assumptions have blocked progress on research for male-focused contraception.



Reproduction in Prison – Daria Vinchesi

An examination of national and state policies, cultural mores, and experiences of incarcerated women.




The Importance of Birth Control – Caitlin Holzer

Improving access to birth control for all women helps children and families, especially those in poverty.